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My name is Agnieszka Mrzygłód. Born in Cracow in 1990, I occupy myself with painting, handcraft and restoration of old furniture, though I'm a biotechnologist by profession. While painting, I'm most keen on showing my passion for horses. I'm still discovering how much you can capture with your brush and share with others. Since I started taking care of the log cabin, which was built by my great grandfather in 1931, I have been fascinated with the country life. Enchanted and inspired by the atmosphere of the Polish countryside and wooden objects, I love creating the new, and restoring the old.

Peaceful village, joyful village

Old Stuff

A wooden kitchen table

Who told you that old furniture doesn't match the modern interiors?

Veneered tabletop

This job can be regarded as a real furniture renovation.

A wooden basin with owls

This is my grandfather's wooden basin.

Hand-painted, wooden rocking horse

All children dream of their own rocking horse.

'Tatra' sewing machine

An old sewing machine has regained its old charm.

Wooden bench with a chest

This wooden bench can be used not only for sitting.

A white kitchen cabinet

My main role while working on the cabinet was to renovate its white cover.

A rural kitchen table

A wooden kitchen table used to serve also as a chopping board.

A wooden chest

I brought this pinewood chest from the area next to Krynica Zdrój.

A wooden barrel

An authentic wooden barrel used for cabbage pickling.

The door to the cottage

It all starts with the door... one greets the guests here.

Grandpa's shoe trees

Wooden shoe trees, dusty and soiled, had been lying in the attic.

Painted wardrobe

Of course wooden and very simple.

A small bench with a chest for shoes

A wooden bench required me to grind the wood.

Old metal bucket

Time-worn, bruised and contorted in places, an old bucket for taking water from the well.

New Stuff

Wooden wall in a modern kitchen

This unorthodox idea to arrange the wall in a modern kitchen of a flat turned out to hit the bull's-eye.

Christmas wooden hangers

Thin slices of an oak tree decorated with a colourful ribbon and jute string.

Big birch slice

Now you can have some forest in your own kitchen or dining room.

Oak coasters

Out of oak's trunk, which I had been drying for over a year, I cut a set of four wooden coasters.

A bird painted on the board

This is a perfect recipe for an original ornament on the wall: take some boards, grind them, cover with oil, decorate from your heart.

A birch stool

I created this unique stool during carpentry workshops conducted by Erska Company in Wytwórnia in Cracow.

Handmade Christmas cards

Each Christmas card is original, unique and made entirely by me.

Mirror in a wooden frame

The frame was made using old boards, which had previously protected the wooden house for over eighty years.

Tea chest with cornflowers

A wooden box with eight compartments for tea, painted in oil.

An old Polish inscription on board

”Good God, let the people who visit this place get the same what they wish us”

Bathroom pegs

Two wooden pegs which, together with an old painted bathroom cabinet, make up a brilliant bathroom set.

Painted clothes hanger

A wooden hanger was decorated with the image of blackbirds, using the oil paints.

Tea chest with a roe deer

A wooden chest with eight compartments for tea. The lid and sides of the chest were decorated with the images using the oil paints.

Decorative breadbox

A wooden breadbox decorated with the image of a bullfinch, painted using the oil paints.

Painted chest for bottles

A wooden chest can accommodate six bottles (beer, wine, soda).

Spice box with roe

A wooden box with two big compartments for spices in bags.


4th Equestrian Art Festival in Warsaw

The Olympic Centre in Warsaw, 2nd April 2017

Carpentry Workshops with Erska

Wytwórnia in Cracow, 9th- 10th April 2016

Panel Painting Workshops

Primary School No. 2 in Łańcut, 3rd March 2016


'FORUM Przestrzenie' in Cracow, 21st November 2015

Panel Painting Workshops

'Chata Bogulinka' in Handzlówka near Łańcut, 13th June 2015

2nd Equestrian Art Festival

in the Olympic Centre on, 22nd March 2015

Painting exhibition

9th Hubertus Event ”Małopolska galopem (Gallop of the Lesser Poland)” in Stajnia na Zielonej in Konary, 26th October 2014


You've made it to the end. The end and the beginning at the same time :)

How about getting to know each other better? Write to me if you're interested in my works. Let's talk about them sipping fragrant tea in my cottage. Feel free to come around and to contact me!

Agnieszka Mrzygłód

+48 515 086 887

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